About Intensehost
We provide RDP's and VPS at the most economical rate with a wide variety of Operating systems backed by KVM virtualization. All resources are dedicated to you exclusively with root access.

We offer servers at 0 setup fee and there is also free installation of the system. All our servers are backed by KVM virtualization to ensure you are getting dedicated specs. All servers come with 100% privacy and zero data log policy. All servers are billed monthly so will remain active as long as you pay for them at the end of the billing cycle.

What Makes us different?

We offer servers at affordable rates and also offer a price match, if in case you are still not satisfied with the server, we offer a full refund within 24 hours of purchase if paid by PayPal or credit card. All our servers are on less crowded nodes so there is a smoother experience for the customer, this is possible by cutting down our own profits.

Who needs our services?

Our services have a wide range of use cases which include streaming, running SEO tools, pen-testing, web hosting, working online if work is location-related and much more.

World Class Hosting
Great Support
99.99% Uptime guarantee.
Our Team

Behind every great support, Intensehost Team!

Our dedicated support team always gets back to you within a few hours, or usually within minutes during working hours.
Our passionate support team is trained to cater to all your server needs.